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Gemer - Malohont Museum

Gemer - Malohont Museum


Gemer-Malohont Museum is one of the oldest museums in Slovakia. It was founded in 1882 by János Fábry (1830 - 1907), he was also the first director in years 1882 – 1907. The former building of the District House on the Main Square was an original place of Museum - by the year of 1910. In 1910, the Museum bought a building of former barracks, built in 1850 according to Ferenc Miks project that has remained the residence of Museum till now. The Museum is specialized in the documentation, research and acquisition of collections in fields of history, archaeology, ethnology, visual art, natural sciences and Romany culture of Gemer – Malohont region. Rich museum collection funds from social and natural sciences complement an extensive historic museum book stock. Total collection fund exceeds number of 93 000 collection subjects. The most valuable museum collections are archaeological relics from eneolith, anthropomorphous funeral urns with illustrations of unknown divinities from early 2nd century B.C., prehistoric bronzes, guild artefacts from history and ethnography from 16th and 19th century, as well as large set of folk ceramics from 17th and 20th century. In the collection of the visual art, the portrait-making from 18th and 20th century is mostly represented. One of the most interesting museum collections is a mummy of woman from the Abusír el Melek locality in Egypt, well-preserved in original sarcophagus. A permanent museum exposition, accessed in 1979, allows the visitors to see an extensive set consisting of museum collections.

Gemer - Malohont Museum

Square of M. Tompa 24
Rimavská Sobota 979 01
tel: + 421 - 47 - 56 32 741, tel.-fax: + 421 - 47 - 56 32 730
Museum directress: PhDr. Oľga Bodorová

Opening hours for public:

October - April:
Monday - Friday :9,00 - 17,00

May - September:
Monday - Friday : 9,00 - 17,00
Saturday - Sunday : 9,00 - 15,00


date: 2019-10-21

Name day of: Uršuľa

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