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Present time

Rimavská Sobota

 Elevation above the sea: 208 m above sea level
Area: 7,751 ha
City districts:
Bakta, Dúžava, Mojín, Nižná Pokoradz, Vyšná Pokoradz, Kurinec, Sabová, Sobôtka, Včelinec, Vinice, Rimavská Sobota

Cadastral territories: Rimavská Sobota, Bakta, Dúžava, Mojín, Vyšná Pokoradz, Nižná Pokoradz, Tomašová


Category                         Men                  Women                Total
Age from 0 to 6 years       701                   602                      1,303
Age from 6 to 15 years     1,137                1,066                    2,203
Age from 15 to 18 years    570                  530                      1,100
Age from 18 to 60 years    7,670               8,213                    15,883
Above 60 years                1,402                2,281                    3,683
Total:                              11,480              12,692                  24,172




The city of Rimavská Sobota and its district is situated in the mountains Slovenské Rudohorie, in the Rimava River valley surrounded by the protected landscape area Cerová Vrchovina and the Natural Park Muránska Planina. Rimavská Sobota is a district town.

Industry and services

The industrial base of the town especially consists of foodstuff plants, construction and machine companies and others. Various plants providing required services have been continuously setting up and commercial establishments have been building up.


The education of young generation in Rimavská Sobota is provided by: - six nursery schools (NS): Rožňavská Street, Sídlisko Rimava, Dobšinského Street, Rybárska Street, Daxnerova Street, Hatvaniho Street – seven elementary schools (ES): P. Dobšinského, P.K. Hostinského, Š.M. Daxnera, M. Tompu, I. Ferenczyho, ES with NS on the Dúžavská way, Lutheran Elementary School - two specialized elementary schools: Bottova Street, Hviezdoslavova Street – Elementary Art School – Play Centre Relax – secondary grammar schools: Secondary Grammar School, Reformed Church Secondary Grammar School of M. Tompa – high schools: Business School, Vocational School of Food Products, Integrated High School of Agricultural and Food Products – vocational schools: Vocational High School of Services, Vocational High School of Mechanical Products.


- the Roman/Catholic Church of St. John the Baptist built on the Gothic basilica foundations, extra valuable is a central picture "Happiness of St. John the Baptist, the best work of Vincenzo Fischer
-the Reformed Church
-the Lutheran Church
-the District House, originally the hotel Čierny orol, built according to the architectural rendering of the Fr. Miks
-the District House –Grémium
-the secondary grammar school, the town hall, the youth shelter,
-a building of former artillery barracks, now Gemer-Malohont Museum, that preserves in its collections the valuable archaeological discoveries from the excavations in the town, Včelince, Kyjatice, Skerešovo, a mummy of the Egyptian woman from the 26th dynasty of years 945-525 B.C. from the town Abusír-el-Melek. Nowadays, the above mentioned buildings create a historical town zone.

Important personalities

Rimavská Sobota is a birth-place of several important personalities, e.g. a poet Mihály Tompa, a most significant Ugrian sculptor of that period - Štefan Ferenczy, Aladár Richter – an important botanist, Lujza Blahová – a singer and actress, Libuša Mináčová – a journalist, and editress of the Slovenka magazine (1st wife of the writer Vlado Mináč, a native from Klenovec.)
During Napoleonic wars, a legendary Russian commander Kutuzov stayed overnight in Rimavská Sobota. In the period of anti-feudal movement, so-called “bratrícke hnutie”, after the Battle of Lučenec in 1451, J. Huňady and J. Jiskra signed a peace agreement in Rimavská Sobota. The writer Janko Jesenský worked as a district administrator here.


The Town Gallery that presents contemporary art in its exhibition and also in the square during summer. Very favourable position on Tomašová Street has the observatory, in Europe known via observations of stars’ obscuration. In the town there are: the Women's choir, the singers' quartet, the brass band called Sobotienka, folk ensembles Rimavan, Háj, Új Gömör, children folk ensembles Lieskovček and Oriašok, the amateur theatrical groups Divosud, Badido, Pictus, DDS Buratinko.


You can find sports relations in the sports clubs and teams : football, hockey, tennis, volleyball, wrestling, judo a riding. Natives as well as visitors can refresh themselves in the Town garden and swimming pool.

Tip for holidays

Famous summer resort Kurinec in season 2006 UNDER CONSTRUCTION! It provides its visitors reservoir bathing, fishing, walking in the nature.
The reservoir Teplý Vrch, with highest water temperatures in Slovakia, offers you an accommodation and meals in the recreational facilities ORMET and DRIEŇOK.

Tip for trip

For those who like cycling, we recommend these cyclo-routes: R.Sobota-N.Pokoradz, Čerenčany, Rim. Sobota-Vyšná Pokoradz-Horné Zahorany-Kraskovo-Vyšný Skálnik, Rim.Sobota-Bakta-Semsúrov-Veľký Blh,Teplý Vrch-Padarovce-Nižná Pokoradz, Rim.Sobota-Majša-Antalka-Babin Vrch, Rim.Sobota-Kurinec-Suchomlynské údolie, for those who like walking, we recommend a trip by nature trail to Šomoška, then to Drienčany, a place of work of the Slovak fairy tale writer Dobšinský, on the way of love from Fiľakovo to Muráň, which F.Vesselényi used for “philandering” to the Venus from Muráň.

Traditional events

- Cultural Summer – leisure activities against boredom
- LETAVY /summer camp for artists
Gemer-Malohont Fair that represents also the products of folk producers and craftsmen from our town - graving, belting, pottery as well as bell-casting products
Gemer of fairy tale writer Dobšinský- international meeting of friends, fans and authors of fairy tales for children of all art genres, inspired by Pavol Dobšinský collecting activity.

Traditional food

if you ever visited our town, we would be pleased to offer you traditional Slovak food - gemerské guľky, halušky (potato dumplings), zemiakové placky (potato cakes), kapustníky (meal from cabbage), or pirohy (pies).


date: 2019-10-21

Name day of: Uršuľa

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